anamagiar075Ana Magiar is a classical crossover singer who is breaking new ground in her home of Argentina. From her humble beginnings as a chorister she quickly became a soloist in the first opera choir in her city. “It was my first contact with classical music,” she tells us. There Ana was first exposed to the great operas and the music of composers like Verdi, Mozart and Puccini.

Her education progressed with the help of prominent instructors. “I started taking master classes with important teachers including Omar Carrion, Salvatore Caputto and Tarja Turnuen.” Their tutelage allowed Ana to develop her voice to its full potential.

“My musical life has always been strange!” Ana shares. It has been difficult for her to find a single genre that could define her. She has “nourished many styles.” In her native Argentina, Ana was exposed to the classical crossover genre through performers like Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. While many Argentinians enjoy the music of these performers she tells us, “There are no artists in this genre. Sadly it is not yet widespread in my country.”

For Ana the genre was the perfect solution to her eclectic love of many sounds. “Thanks to Classical Crossover, I find the possibility of embracing each of them.” She has since become an ambassador for the genre and is known as one of the most successful Latin crossover artists.

Ana’s training in classical music helps her create the music she loves. She tells us that the classical crossover techniques “Allows more voice flexibility. You can further enhance the style on the crossover side, but I think it is thanks to the opera technique that it can be accomplished.” She enjoys being able to play with her voice and create new sounds and colors.

Some of the artists that continue to inspire Ana are Sarah Brightman, Lisa Gerrard, Anna Netrebko and Loreena Mckenitt among others. In the future, “I would love to work with Alessandro Safina, and it is a possibility in which I am currently focused.”

Ana performs original music by the composer Graciela Murano who she says is an “extraordinary pianist and composer from our country. She has the sensitivity to channel through music and songs the emotional values such as love and the spirituality of man. It is always a challenge to get to meet the expectations of each composer but for me it was a beautiful experience.”

When it comes to keeping her voice in top condition Ana says there are “no secrets.” Rather simply, “I try to rest well, drink plenty of water. And I like to take a moment alone with the venue before each show.”

She especially values live performances. “To me a very particular visual energy only happens during a live show. When you choose to do what you like and concentrate all your energy into it, it just flowers. And it is impossible not to feel its fragrance and admire its beauty.”

Ana stays upbeat positive when it comes to the ever changing nature of the music business. “I think the music business has evolved along with the growth of technology and with everything change has its advantages and disadvantages. I choose to focus on the positive market there is today for live entertainment.”

She shares this exciting news with us, “I am currently working on a new album. Under a Neoclassical concept with my own compositions alongside a Finnish musician.” The experience has allowed her to fully express her creativity. Ana is also continuing to organizing future performances of her Classical Crossover repertoire.