Classical Crossover Magazine has been blessed to feature many wonderful artists.

List of Artists

Affiniti (Summer 2014) Text VersionIssue
Ana Magiar (Fall 2016) Text VersionIssue
Ann Blyth (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
Anastasia Lee (Fall 2013) Text VersionIssue
Anthony James (Summer 2015) Text Version – Issue
Anna Hawkins (Fall 2013) Text VersionIssue
Alessandra Paonessa (Summer 2015) Text Version – Issue
Arina Domski (Spring 2015) Text Version – Issue
Amy Manford (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
Alessandra Sorace (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
Barbara Padilla, America’s Got Talent finalist (Spring 2015) Text Version – Issue
Blake, formerly signed to Universal (Summer 2014) Text VersionIssue
Braxi Music (Fall 2016) Text Version – Issue
Classique (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
Carly Paoli (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
Camilla Kerslake, signed to Universal (Spring 2014) Text VersionIssue
Catriona Murray (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Caroline Braga (Winter 2013) Text VersionIssue
Chantelle Constable (Summer 2013) Text VersionIssue
Charles Reid (Spring 2014) Text VersionIssue
Chloe Lewis (Summer 2013) Text VersionIssue
Christina Johnston, (Fall 2017Text VersionIssue
Christina Warn (Spring/Summer 2009) Text Version – Issue
Classical Reflection, Britan’s Got Talent finalist’s (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Cristina Piccardi (Summer 2013) Text VersionIssue
David Jones, vocal pedagogue (Winter 2013) Text VersionIssue
Dulcet Sounds (Spring/Summer 2009) Text Version – Issue
Elowen (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Emily Peragine (Summer 2008) Text Version – Issue
Emily Estelle (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Faith Tucker (Summer 2015) Text Version – Issue
Faryl Smith, formerly signed to Universal (Winter 2014) Text Version – Issue
G4, formerly signed to Sony BMG (Fall 2014) Text VersionIssue
Giorgia Fumanti, signed to EMI (Spring/Summer 2009) Text Version – Issue
Hercules Smith Voice of Europe finalist (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Holly Holyoake (Fall 2007) Text Version – Issue
Howard Keel (Fall 2017) Text VersionIssue
Jennifer Thomas (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Joanna Forest (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Jon Christos (Summer 2008) Text Version – Issue
Joanne McGahon, (Fall 2017) Text VersionIssue
Jonathan Antoine, signed to Sony Syco (Winter 2014) Text Version – Issue
Juliette Pochin, formerly signed to Sony Classical (Fall 2007) Text Version – Issue
Katie Marshall (Summer 2015) Text Version – Issue
Laura Wright, signed to Universal (Fall 2013) Text VersionIssue
Lisa Kelly, formerly of Celtic Woman (Spring 2015) Text Version – Issue
Lisa Peretti (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Lucy Kay, formerly signed to Sony Classical (Spring 2015) Text Version – Issue
Louise Dearman (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Margaret Keys, formerly signed to Universal (Spring 2015) Text Version – Issue
Marisa Johnson (Winter 2014) Text Version – Issue
Micheal Castaldo (Summer 2015) Text Version – Issue
Nadia Edie (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Natalia Krishtopets (Winter 2017) Text VersionIssue
Natalie Orlie (Fall 2017) Text Version – Issue
Natalie Rushdie (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
Natalie Di Luccio (Spring-Summer 2017) Text Version – Issue
New Airs / Glen Austin (Summer 2017) Text VersionIssue
Noblesse (Winter 2017) Text VersionIssue
Paul Potts, signed to Sony Syco (Winter 2014) Text Version – Issue
Phillippa Lusty (Fall 2014) Text VersionIssue
Rachel Fabri (Fall 2016) Text VersionIssue
Rebecca Newman, first indie artist to reach No.1 (Spring 2014) Text Version Issue
Rhiannon Lambert (Summer 2007) Text Version – Issue
Rhydian Roberts, signed to Sony Syco (Fall 2014) Text VersionIssue
Sarah Gilford (Fall 2007) Text Version – Issue
Sedonia (Winter 2017) Text VersionIssue
Scarlett Quigley (Fall 2016) Text VersionIssue
Siobhan Owen (Fall 2013) Text VersionIssue
Stefanie Rose (Winter 2013) Text VersionIssue
Suzanne Rentzke (Summer 2016) Text Version – Issue
Tami Petty (Summer 2015) Text Version – Issue
Tayla Alexander (Winter 2013) Text VersionIssue
Taylor Caruso Kirk (Spring 2007) Text Version – Issue
Tiffany Desrosiers (Winter 2013) Text VersionIssue
Toni Gibson (Summer 2013) Text VersionIssue
Victoria Baker (Summer 2008) Text Version – Issue
Viktoria Tocca (Winter 2017) Text VersionIssue
Will Martin, formerly signed to Universal (Winter 2007) Text Version – Issue
Yulia, formerly signed to Sony BMG (Winter 2013) Text VersionIssue
Zoe Mace (Winter 2007) Text Version – Issue