Natalie Orlie

Natalie Orlie is an experimental classical crossover singer from the Ukraine. She is currently at work on an album entitled ‘Song of Wind.’ The project will see Natalie writing new lyrics and arrangements to popular arias and will also feature her compositions. Her ability to change from a more trained classical sound to a breathy, sensual pop sound is thanks to a “very rich creative musical life” which included singing in a rock band before receiving further training at the music academy. “The music that is closest to my heart is Classical Crossover.”

Her album inspiration came first from the music, and after feeling that personal connection Natalie says she “Immediately wrote the text.” Her goal is to make her music accessible around the world so the lyrics on the album will be in English, Czech, Italian, French, Russian and Ukrainian. “In the future, I want to write songs in more complex languages ​​such as Chinese and Japanese.”

‘Songs of the Wind’ is produced by Roman Nepomnyaschiy whom Natalie has known for almost 10 years. “He is a very gifted sound producer. He works in many musical directions and creates a quality product.” They have worked together previously but she says their creative energies “moved to a higher level” with this crossover album. She is hopeful that the “combination of hard work and creative compatibility” will result in a product that resonates with the crossover audience.

This album does not signal Natalie’s departure from classical music however she assures us that, “I will continue to develop as a classical and opera singer. I am learning new operatic roles as well as concerts and performances, where I sing classical arias and romances.”

Natalie hopes her music will provide entertainment and joy to her listeners. “Music is a very powerful… It affects our moods, our thoughts, and our souls. I would very much like my music to touch the sad and disillusioned people and fill them with warmth and spiritual joy and make the world a little happier.”

Although Natalie tells us, “My parents are not musicians,” she is grateful that “They always supported me in everything.” She describes herself in the following words: sincere, purposeful, goodwill, stubborn, and willful.

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